Friday, May 14, 2010

Defining and Redefining concepts of the 'Ethereal'

 So I have always thought I owned the realm of the "ethereal", since the concept for me revolved mostly around the movie "The Dark Crystal" which I watched countless times when I was 8 years old. I always wanted to be Kiera...that gorgeous little blonde gelfling who wore those amazingly raw art nouveau'esque clothes and who had wings....(I also had a crush on Jen...but we all had crushes on a muppet thing at 8, right?)

Another key movie that influenced me at an early age was a movie called "The Last Unicorn"...I wanted to also be the ethereal blonde (again!) unicorn who had been transformed into a human.....

This film used to make me cry....the girl who had be changed into a human was growing weak and had to be changed back into a unicorn even though the magician who transformed her fell in love with her...!

I spent so much time drawing unicorns and flying horses and fantasy creatures. My mum even made me my own Kiera dress, and I think I remember complaining it wasn't 'raggy' enough....

I have always considered the concept of the ethereal as meaning 'otherworldly', or heavenly...which I quite love.


  1. The Last Unicorn was THE movie for me when I was super tiny. I'd spend hours dangerously close to the TV screen and sob, sob and then sob some more. Still one of my most favorite films to date. Magical. Just magical.


  2. You can't go past 'The Dark Crystal'. I re-watched it again recently. Keira is like a little blonde Penelope Cruz.